GlogauAir Residency 2019

Treasure Hunt // Shae Gregg

The showcase this week has work by resident artist, Shae Gregg, from Queensland, Australia.

Shae Gregg paints images of people in landscapes influenced by the city of Berlin. Shae uses found objects as canvases or as materials in her paintings. She then returns her paintings back to the street, thereby questioning notions of ‘high’ as well as ‘low’ art, while also paying attention to how the environment changes the works.

Shae Gregg will be presenting her work at GlogauAIR’s Open Studios on September 21 – 22, 2019.

Behind the Mask 2018

Photography and write up by Chelsea Cosgrave:

Portraits of the human condition that reference fears in the contemporary world became Shae’s forte, characterised through soft and harsh palettes unique to each figure. After accumulating more than 25 pieces, in the last 6-12 months, Shae showcased her striking faces in her first ever solo exhibition, ‘Behind the Mask’ at The Time Machines, Swampland Studios.

Aiming to look at emotions presented through an individual’s ‘mask’ yet also beyond it, Shae’s series of work, painted an interesting behind the scenes look at the imaginary masks that individuals wear at different times in their lives, delighting yet terrifying children and adults alike. Hung one by one on walls, ‘Behind the Mask’ is an immersive experience that allows individuals to be intimately confronted with their youthful dreams or nightmares.

“Some of them grin madly, others portray a sombre mood and each exudes personality.” Shae says.

The exhibition dimmed by candlelight creates a scenario that thrusts viewers into a destabilised surreality where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are one, illustrating our critical observation of life reflected through isolated and contemplative portraits that provoke a sense of vulnerability and truth.

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