40under40 2020

Top Row L-R: : Daygin Prescott, Lauren Jones, Laura Vecmane, Sally Cuthbert
Middle Row L-R: Ashlee Becks, She Gregg, Tom Bridges, Odessa Mahony de Vries
Bottom Row L-R: Jakob Lydford, Jack Staley, Ketakii Jewson-Brown, Bryce Flaskas This exhibition will showcase the local, young, vibrant and talented art scene in the region who are 40 years old and under!

​Project coordinator and co-curator Amanda Bennetts says, “We have an abundance of talented young visual artists who are from the region  who may not otherwise get an opportunity to showcase their art with other local young emerging and professional artists.”

The exhibition not only aims to showcase this young art scene in the region but also to shake things up by challenging the community’s perceptions on what is considered contemporary art in our regional setting. 

Extending the exhibition to artists from all disciplines, it will include mediums of video, film and electronic imaging as well
as ceramics , drawing, fibre arts, graphic design, installation, painting, performance art, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

Exhibiting artists include: Aisha Darmansjah, Amanda Bennetts, Arki Orchard-Fox, Ashlee Becks, Awen Tawanee, Bree-anne Jeffrey, Bryce Flaskas, Carley Bourne, Cherry Logar, Daygin Prescott, Ebony Dew, Elle Reid, Ellie Graham, Fletcher Gibson, Jack staley, Jakob Lydford, Jim Martin, Karen Lennon, Kerri Louisa, Ketakii Jewson-Brown, Laura Vecmane, Lauren Jones, Libby Derham, Lois Collins, Matthew Mohr, Michelle Pash, Nicholas Mauger, Odessa Mahony de-Vries, Prudence Swann, Sally Cuthbert, Sammy Ray Jones, Sarah Bartel, Sarah Sculley, Shae Gregg, Shelly Spence, Thomas Bridges, Tia Carrigan, Veronica Spittles Pettigrew, Victor Taylor, & Yellong Bulla. 



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