Revolt: Power of Protest

We live in turbulent times. More and more of us are stepping up to fight against systemic injustice and oppression, grappling with questions about what kinds of protest and activism are most effective, and how we can work together to create a better world.As artists, we’re acutely aware that we can’t just sit on the sidelines, and must use our art to challenge the status quo and support positive movements for social change.In a few weeks, Brisbane’s only Greens City Councillor, Jonathan Sri, is up for re-election. We thought this was a great opportunity to make space for conversations about the role of protest and the importance of engaging strategically with electoral politics, while also supporting Jonno’s election campaign.We’re putting on a fundraiser for Jonno and the Greens, alongside a discussion forum about politics, protest and peaceful revolution.Artists have been invited to produce works that double as protest placards, which people can bid for and hopefully use at a future rally.Please spread the word and invite your friends!Contributing artists: Mouf . LEF . Shae Gregg . Dank Zapper . Tilly Dee . Eel . Barry Hate . HAM . KTL . Lugosi . René Danika . Esquidy . Marcel and more TBAFREE ENTRY! Come join us at Bloodhound Bar in the Valley from 5:30pm on Friday, 6 March!

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